My Story


“Why did you move to Singapore?”

It was the summer when a fresh-faced twenty-something-year-old me was experiencing the liberating yet anxious post-college feardom. My batch is the generation energized by possibility, yet scared of uncertainty. But one day during that fateful summer when the opportunity to work abroad presented itself, I said f*ck it. I took the leap, boarded a plane and moved my life thousands of miles away.

But why?

I was not alone

After moving to Singapore I realized that I was not alone in this pursuit. Now more than ever my generation – from the Philippines or elsewhere – not only wonder about life beyond the border, but can actually cross it themselves at a young age.

Instead of feeling guilty for leaving (diaspora! brain drain!), I believe that it should awaken you personal and professional growth. Only then can you bring the experience back home and help pay it forward some more. To me that’s how progress is born and that’s how I’ve seen the Philippines grow over the years, from Jose Rizal to the OFW’s to the globalized Filipinos around the world that I want to feature here.

Smile for courage

Smile for courage

This is not your typical travel blog.

So whether you’re a traveler, expat, third-culture kid, nomad, dreamer, wanderer, or someone thinking about leaving,  I want this blog to be both a travelogue and a realistic looking glass of the joys and struggles of living and traveling abroad. I want it to be a support system for the globalized twenty-something year olds considering taking the leap or have already taken it.

Who is this blog for?

Stories from a foreign filipina is for those who consider travel as a state of mind that pushes people off the edge to explore the uncharted, beautiful and often challenging territories of their life; for those who believe that travelling is less about the physical space and more of the willingness to be open minded, learn and accept a different point of view. This, among other reasons, is why I left, and probably why you might too. And if you do leave, I hope this blog gives you the courage to jump and the net to fall back on once you do.


20 thoughts on “My Story

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  2. twas great ending up on your blog. We met at twitter I believe. :) hope to catch you sometime in a less crowded MRT Ayala station.

    • Hey Marky! Yes, I believe we did. I must say the same to you about your blog! Hello to a fellow wanderer! I’m in Singapore now until next week. Any suggestions of where to explore? :)

      • I enjoyed food tripping there from Little India to Chinatown. Singapore National Museum was awesome, of course Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa :) – the usual, haven’t explored SG that well yet enjoy.

  3. I’ve taken that leap several years ago when opportunity presented itself. Now I’ve settled in my adoptive country after meeting my “prince charming” during my travels. After so many years being out of the country, I still maintain close ties to Filipinos and the Philippines. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to come back and stay there for good.

    Goodluck on your journey! I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Hi Grace,

      I see that you live in Czech Republic. How long have you been there? Is there a big pinoy community over there?

      I met my first (and current) boyfriend abroad as well haha. I’m happy you found your prince charming! :)

      • I’ve been here 2 years now. The Pinoy community here is not as big as other countries – only 450+ approximately. Well, it is a small country.

        Anyway, goodluck on your adventures!

  4. LOVE your blog! From one foreign filipina (I’ve been studying abroad for college) to another, what made you start this blog? I’m trying to gather the courage (AND create more blog posts) before sending in an inquiry about being a Contributor on Sole Sisters…

    • Hi Andie! Happy New Year :) Thanks for the follow. Where do you study and where are you based? You should definitely consider working abroad after graduation.

      I’ve been blogging for years for fun. But ever since I moved abroad I thought it would be a great way to help others who want to work abroad too!

      You should definitely write to Lois to contribute. What’s your blog btw? Do you have one? :)

      • I study at Colorado College (currently a junior) in the United States. I am definitely thinking about working abroad after graduation, so thanks for the encouragement! I do have a blog, its

  5. After seeing your blog today, I am now really regretting not starting a blog when I moved here in Oman last June 2013. I enjoyed reading your posts and can very much relate to your expatriate experience in Singapore. More power to your blog! Fellow atenean here by the way, batch 2010 :)

  6. I totally agree that “travelling is less about the physical spaces and more of the willingness to be open minded.” Visiting another country for vacation can already broaden one’s horizon.. Imagine what living in a foreign country can do in our learning and growth. I’m also a Filipina living in Singapore and discovered your blog through Rappler and I’ve been following it since then. Keep up the good work :)

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