About me


Over the years my blog has been my trusty companion. It’s a witness to my life in all its stages. A time capsule of every cringeworthy adolescent rant and existential musing to life lessons and travel adventures. So, if you want to discover more “About Me” then reading my blog is a great way to start.

What you’ll find are stories of being a Filipina born in Jakarta but raised in my home town of Manila.

How I’ve dabbled in a lot of things from moonlighting as a basketball reporter to writing stories for Yahoo! Philippines and Rappler about cultural identity.

How I used to pursue journalism as a profession until moving to Singapore opened a world of other opportunities and dreams to chase.

How I once surprised myself  by joining the corporate world of Unilever but ended up working in the advertising industry as a social media and content manager for Publicis, while blogging and freelance writing about food and travel for LifestyleAsia and We Are Sole Sisters in my spare time.

Honestly, this blog will continue to evolve as I grow and discover more about myself. But if there’s one phrase that sums up who I am right now and what you’ll find on this blog it’s…


I love to travel, but I’m not a nomad.

I’m career-oriented, but I know that at the end of the day work is just work.

And life? Well, that’s everything else in-between that makes me happy. My belief is that you need to balance all three.

xx Rica


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