394171_10150628743865309_2063282302_nTo move abroad is to open yourself to a new way of seeing with foreign eyes and local heart. It’s to become a citizen of the world. Someone who finds home in the people they meet in places they come to love, by understanding their different way of living. Why stay in the same place when you can live and work beyond the border? That’s how I found myself here. On this blog. Scribbling from Singapore. How about you?



  1. Ah, I completely agree with this post. I’ve found myself in many places (moving is a way of life for me ever since I was little) and each place have taught me how to become a better person. Despite being homesick, it’s funny how living elsewhere makes us all stronger and somewhat more intelligent as well.

  2. Hi there my namesake! Love your blog! This post pretty much embodies some of my sentiments as well. I’m planning to move out of the country, too, someday. I hope to settle in places in the future which can really help me widen my perspective about this world that we tread on. :)

    • Hi there. Whatta lovely name you have lol ;) Thanks! Where do you plan to go? Try somewhere in South East Asia as a first step since it’s not too far from home and it won’t be too much of a culture shock.

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