Yuppies & OFW’s

Yuppie life

Yuppie life

Yuppie. Or in other words a ‘young urban professional.’

An expat is a yuppie, and Singapore is filled with yuppies from all over the world. In fact, aside from OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers), who are typically associated with domestic workers and nurses, the Philippines is also a # 1 exporter of yuppies. An educated, ambitious and often preppy upper -middle class with a growing affinity for All Day Breakfasts, instagram and Happy Hour deals of draft beer or cider. Singapore can feel like home, partly because almost half of everyone you know in Manila will eventually end up in Singapore.

Indeed yuppies are also OFW’s, but they are not the ‘unsung heroes’ of maid’s becoming CEO’s. We represent the shinier, flip side of the coin.

photo-1Sometimes I wonder who the Singaporeans are referring to  when they complain about Filipinos. Are they discriminating against the Lucky Plaza crowd, or me as well? Do the locals know the difference? Or more importantly — is there a difference? A filipino is a filipino.

Then, I wonder if we are also guilty of the same judgement. The ubiquitous class divide that persists whether at home or abroad.


One thought on “Yuppies & OFW’s

  1. What is going on is a serious case of racism even though we couldn’t complain too much, for who are we to complain as foreigners. The locals are getting more and more xenophobic when jobs on the rope have to be a tug-of-war between them and foreign talents, and when Filipinos behave like they are in the same old Philippines. Filipinos are decent people, but I cringe every time I see one or two boisterous enough for me to hear, be it in a train, bus, or Lucky Plaza. Perhaps, I just expect too much from us to be very sensitive to our behavior because every misbehavior counts. And we must look after the welfare of the locals in any way we can. I love being Filipino, and I love my second home, too.

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