The blog to freedom


Freedom is polarizing.

I’ve noticed two extremes. People either either buy their way to freedom, climbing the  ladder for the security, money and power to do whatever they want. Or they completely surrender control from the indoctrination of modern life to do whatever they want. Hence the rise of the nomadic lifestyle and the need for simple living. Which do you choose?

A lot has been on my mind for a long time. Usually I blog at the end of my thought process, after a decision has been made and I’ve crystallized my ‘perfect’ insight. But blogs before they became a commodity were powerful because they were raw and genuine, revealing the psyche behind the person writing it. This is my attempt at blog verse, writing a stream of uncensored consciousness, that I hope others can relate to as well.


A good friend of mine wrote this:

To then act upon our vulnerability is to expose the very stuff that we are made of. Bare our bones, face judgement and rejection. Understand the risks, fight for what we want. Surrender control and dare to hope. Open ourselves to the possibility that what will happen next could break and remake who we are.”

Freedom is polarizing. But whichever the path, it’s still freedom either way.


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