Blissful Bintan – An unexpected CNY vacation for two

Expats in Singapore take Chinese New Year seriously. CNY weekend that is. It’s the long anticipated extended Christmas holiday in January.

I come from the Philippines where long weekends are common and abundant. Singapore, on the other hand, is more stringent.

Enter Indonesia: our backyard to quick and affordable travel. Usually Bintan is the default destination for Singapore expats who get cabin fever in the small city state.

With only a few weeks to go until CNY, this was my mantra as I did last minute planning:

“I will not waste another long weekend by not traveling.”

Booking an available resort that is not ridiculously over priced by CNY is the travel equivalent of finding a needle in a hay stack.

Luckily I found Loola Adventure resort. 3 days & 2 nights for under 300 SGD. Ferry and food included.


It was a long weekend of blissful isolation. A quiet, more rustic escape. No air con. No distractions.Wake up between 7-8AM to a cool breeze and a meal that feels hearty and homecooked. And there were always fruits.


Oranges for good luck? #CNY


“I don’t think we’re the target group,” Ed said, referring to the big families that we shared our vacation with. Loola is the kind of place for team building or big group activities.


While it was an unlikely couple destination, two can also be an adventure! Initially we stocked up on movies to watch during our stay, but Loola had other things in store:


Pimp my bus! These buses took us to the sea.


Boat’s eye view


“Love the tree,” the instructor said. And love it we did!


They call this boomjumping. You jump out of the boat into a net while it takes you around the sea. Or what I like to call: What a fish must feel like when it gets caught


How did the flying fox land in the water?


I’m a clutz with terrible balance but I tried the Sky Walk anyway.


The water is beautiful, even in low tide.


We walked all the way to the next island.


And watched the sand patterns dance.

Even if it was an “adventure” resort, what I love is that we still left Loola feeling well rested.

Care free, hair free.

Care free, hair free.


It was well worth the vacation for two.

—*—*—* —*—

How to get there from Singapore:

– Take a 1.5hour ferry. We took the Sindo Ferry, which is part of the Berlian Ferries Pte Ltd. 55 SGD/ head for both ways. Loola will help coordinate the ferry, including the free transfer to and from the terminal. 


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