Writing out loud

I spend a lot of weekends staring blankly at my computer screen, with fingers restlessly brushing the keyboard. A string of sentences that always end in “delete” or “backspace.”

I promised myself to write more in 2014. All the best productivity hack articles advise to “Book time to get the real work done” or else get stuck in the perpetual cycle of emails, or in the case of the weekends, on Twitter, Facebook and Flipboard. So I even have a Calendar reminder that says to write every Sunday at 10AM.

Writer’s block is not uncommon. But lately I’ve wondered whether it’s the case of 1) I don’t know what to write about or 2) I know what to write about I’m too scared to write it out loud. Humans are masters of self-deception. Deep inside we know exactly what needs to be said or done but we prolong the conclusion because it always feels so… final.

As a writer, I discern with words. It’s almost 2PM now. I’m four hours late but at least I’m making some progress.


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