2013 in pictures: Favorite moments

2013 was a tough year but it wasn’t all tears and fears. I realized that aside from buying a new camera I didn’t really spend on material possessions but on experiences. Experiences are always more valuable anyway.

Two things I’m thankful for in 2013 are:

1) Traveling to unexpected places, especially for work.

2) My relationships with people: Being able to travel with my sister, boyfriend (for the first time), and see my bestfriends who are in other parts of the world; finding my support group at work (hello co-ABMs!), food trip and get a lot closer with my pinoy gang in SG and discovering new kindred friends to have long, deep conversations about life, love and dreams with. Favorite moments below :)

— * — * — *—

Seeing Vampire Weekend live! My first indie band to introduce me to… indie!


Free lancing at Dentsu and conducting my first Google Hangout!


I joined the corporate world and started my stint at Unilever as an Asst. Brand Manager 524187_10151578216375309_786024186_n

My first business trip to Shanghai with the team! It was mostly work, but I managed to step out and sight see if only for one night. 


I celebrated my birthday one month earlier by visiting Mej, my bestfriend, in Dubai who has the same birthday as me. It was also my first time to travel with Ed. 
I conducted my very first 20 hour shoot… alone and in spanish. We flew the model in from Mexico. It was such a stressful shoot because I was calling the shots, but it was a lot of fun to work with the team to get this out the door.

I traveled to Seoul, Korea to do a print trial at the factory for work. It was my first time alone in a foreign country where English was not a first language. But it was such a beautiful experience, exploring the town with 2 locals, talking about love in our 2 cultures, went shopping and capping the night off with karaoke to Gangnam style. 
Hong Kong with Ate Pia and her friends. We partied the whole night. The next day we went around HK harbor where I was hung over, sick with food poisoning and sea-sickness. Guess who spent the whole day throwing up on a boat? Lol. #YOLO 
15664_10151815645210309_1219141060_n-1 1149051_10151815638100309_1765858472_n
Being a kid again. Legoland, Malaysia with Ed! 
Tedx Singapore and The Killers at F1 weekend!
And last but not least… Good friends to survive living abroad with :)

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