2013 in review: The thrill of the change


At the end of every year I always exclaim to my sister “What a year this past year has been!” It’s my favorite catch-phrase. It’s better to have a crappy year than a boring one. Boring is a sign of complacency, wherein the entire year was spent cold and devoid of emotion. Emotions remind us that we’re alive during the daily grind: the stress that pushes us out of our comfort zone; the bliss of conquering a milestone. It’s the thrill of the change. Admittedly my 2013 was not a breeze but I’m thankful it wasn’t boring.

While I started 2013 jobless, I surprised myself when I dove headfirst into the corporate world this year. It was my baptism of fire into personal and professional awareness and growth. So 2013 was defined by resilience – the ability to not only weather the storm, but to not lose myself in spite of it. Forgive, Forego, and look Forward whenever mistakes are made. You’ll rediscover your true-self everyday. 

2013 taught me how to love and be loved in return. I also started this year single #CueCheesyness.

2013 taught me that work is just work. Work-life-SLEEP- balance is important. Make time to do and discover what you love.

2013 taught me that life is one big project management. Problems will always occur, it’s how you manage it that matters. Don’t panic. There’s always a solution. Make actionable dreams.

2013 taught me that you need to fight fire with fire. And by fire I mean passion.

2013 taught me that “Worrying is a waste of your imagination” and “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The challenges of 2013 are an initiation of how to approach 2014 and the upcoming years: with less worry, more everyday happiness, gratitude and positivity. To have the passion, resilience and courage to chase my dreams in 2014.

Favorite moments of 2013 to follow!

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2 thoughts on “2013 in review: The thrill of the change

  1. I love the way at how you summed up your life for 2013. And I would have to agree with you, I rather live a crappy life then a boring one. Life is to short to be bored, there are so many great think you can accomplish if you just get up and try. Nothing beat’s a failure but a try. I really enjoyed following you and growing with you over these pass couple of weeks. I’m new to your blog and I look forward to exploring and growing with you in this new year. So my hope’s and wishes for you this new year, is that you get and receive all of joy and happiness that you deserve.So keep living and exploring and you will find the joy of true happiness.

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