Dubai Day 2: Beyond the sandscape of the Desert Safari


I fell in-and-out-of-sleep while the bus took us out of town and toward the Dubai’s Desert Safari. It was like waking up from a dream only to witness a mirage outside my window:  the desert grains endured, hardened by the beating sun. Beyond the sandscape, a seamless horizon.


It was my first time seeing the desert. A set change from many road trips before.


Grains of sand replaced the dusty provincial roads of the Philippines.


A natural skyline liberated from the towering buildings of Singapore. It was weird to see no trees, yet be assured that the lack of greenery was natural in Dubai.

Dubai 4

We tried our best to blend in. We’re not tourists! It was working until…

Dubai 2

we saw the sandboards.


Traveling, this means to an infinite end, approaching but never really reaching a final destination.


By bus


… camel….

Dubai 3

… or state of mind. 

Possibilities beyond the sandscape, smiling like a seamless horizon.


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