One year later

June 27, 3013. A new chapter begins!

June 27, 3013. A new chapter begins!

One year ago, when I left Manila for Singapore, I did not know what I was getting myself into. No amount of research or meditation could ever fully prepare me for the new life chapter ahead.

Moving away is a rite of passage that’s uncommon in traditional Asian culture where children live at home until they get married. FYI I did not get married in the last year (just saying), so independence was granted at a much earlier stage in my life. Was I ready — financially, spiritually, mentally? There was only one way to find out. Jump and the net will appear as one of my favorite Zen sayings go.

Since that fateful day on June 27, 2012, fast forward one year later.

I would be lying if I denied that the big “What-if…” never crossed my mind. (I’m not that mature hah!) What if I stayed in Manila? Or on the flipside, if I decided to stay, what if I moved to Singapore instead?

It’s a pointless mind game which can be argued from all sides. The biggest lesson I’ve learned since moving abroad is how to let go and keep looking forward. It’s not easy, but  it’s a worthwhile trait to try and master.

I would also be lying if I wasn’t scared. What if living abroad didn’t work out? What if I was more confused than ever? Would I be a failure if I moved back home?  No. Because experience is always valuable and the wisdom you gain after living abroad, entirely outside of your comfort zone, and exposed to various people and things, is priceless. So what if you fail? Try again

Arriving in Singapore.

Arriving in Singapore

Leaving Singapore for everywhere else --- Bangkok, Malaysia, Dubai, Shanghai and Seoul

Leaving Singapore for everywhere else — Bangkok, Malaysia, Dubai, Shanghai and Seoul

Since June 27, 2013 I’ve…

… had 3 jobs, free lanced on the side, and traveled to 5 new countries.

… left journalism and entered the corporate world.

… lived an offline life, rather than an online one.

… fully supported and saved for myself.

… found love.

The list goes on.

One year later and I still don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. At least now I know the beauty is never having to know. I remind myself that I’m learning as I go along. Surprise yourself. Will I still be in Singapore? In a corporate career? Who knows where or what I’ll end up doing next year. Until then….


5 thoughts on “One year later

  1. Aww, I could feel the happiness radiating from this post. If that’s even possible. Completely giddy for you and your adventures! :)

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