Finding stillness in Seoul

Written on June 28, 2013

“People in constant movement recognize the value of stillness,” said Pico Iyer during his talk at the Singapore Writer’s Festival some time ago. Finally, after the craziest, most challenging and overwhelming month at work, I’m happy that I can finally put my life on pause this weekend. So I’m okay with staying in on my first night in Seoul, Korea where I’m writing this entry from my hotel room. Sometimes adventure can wait until tomorrow. Tonight is for stillness.


Updated July 1, 2013

Touch down: Home, Singapore.

In stillness we find strength to carry on. Needless to say I’m back home, fully recharged, and with a clear mind to conquer the next challenge. I had a wonderful time exploring Seoul with 2 Korean strangers. A trip full of the universal language of love and laughter.


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