Shanghai: Traveling on business trips

Traveling is a lifestyle that can reveal a lot about someone — nuances of how they were brought up, level of comfort and hygiene, and their weird tendency to go to the bathroom every 2 hours. It’s also a sign of one’s stage in life. Budget-conscious college students who are broke yet willing to hitch hike their way for an adventure. Worldly kids spending their parent’s money. Your capacity to travel is dependent on where you are in life — with work, money and age.

Traveling is a different experience once you start working. Your 9-5 job makes you appreciate those precious long day weekends and annual leaves. In fact, sometimes it makes you work even harder to be able to fund those big trips even faster. Plus, spending your hard earned money on trips is the personal investment that makes the experience more valuable.


My new-found life stage: corporate slave. I’ve always been a budget traveler but  recently I learned what jet-setting means, especially during my first business trip to Shanghai last March. Hello Marriott hotel.


After a whole day of exhausting meetings it’s tempting to just staycation back at the hotel, soak in the bathtub and lay on the double queen-sized bed in only your bath robe. A business trip barely scratches the surface of traveling. You’re in the office the whole day and in the city for a short period of time. The challenge? Fight the exhaustion. Experience the lights, see the sights and go out anyway.














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