Writing beyond the border


“Why did you move to Singapore?”

It was the summer of 2012 when a fresh-faced twenty-something-year-old me was experiencing the liberating yet anxious post-college feardom. My batch is the generation energized by possibility, yet scared of uncertainty. But one day during that fateful summer when the opportunity to work abroad presented itself, I said f*ck it. I took the leap, boarded a plane and moved my life thousands of miles away.

But why?

I was not alone

After moving to Singapore I realized that I was not alone in this pursuit. Now more than ever my generation – from the Philippines or elsewhere – not only wonder about life beyond the border, but can actually cross it themselves at a young age.

Instead of feeling guilty for leaving (diaspora! brain drain!), I believe that it should awaken you personal and professional growth. Only then can you bring the experience back home and help pay it forward some more. To me that’s how progress is born and that’s how I’ve seen the Philippines grow over the years, from Jose Rizal to the OFW’s to the globalized Filipinos around the world that I want to feature here.


This is not your typical travel blog.

So whether you’re a traveler, expat, third-culture kid, nomad, dreamer, wanderer, or someone thinking about leaving,  I want this blog to be both a travelogue and a realistic looking glass of the joys and struggles of living and traveling abroad. I want it to be a support system for the globalized twenty-something year olds considering taking the leap or have already taken it.

Smile for courage

Smile for courage

Who is this blog for?

Stories from a foreign filipina is for those who consider travel as a state of mind that pushes people off the edge to explore the uncharted, beautiful and often challenging territories of their life; for those who believe that travelling is less about the physical space and more of the willingness to be open minded, learn and accept a different point of view. This, among other reasons, is why I left, and probably why you might too. And if you do leave, I hope this blog gives you the courage to jump and the net to fall back on once you do.

Note: From senorica.wordpress.com, I finally bought my domain: www.ricafacundo.com :)


6 thoughts on “Writing beyond the border

  1. I worked abroad by accident, my Philippine company sent me to Indonesia to put up operations there..Before I left, I thought I know the world, but after a year of my assignment I realized I don’t. My assignment gave me character and it provided good money to send my kids to the best schools….Not bad, no regrets, I’am now a senior, doing consultancy job, using the skills I learned abroad mostly and enjoying semi retirement back to my beloved country, the Philippines, where I was born and spent the early part of my executive life. By the way, my subordinates call me grf.

  2. Stumbled upon this blog randomly (like so many other things in life) :)

    It might have become much more common these days for young people (including yours truly) to seek a different future and a different self in a foreign land. Yet no one can really foresee the gamut of emotions that such a life would bring along.

    Indeed, what a fascinating place that soul is – belonging to one who is away from ‘home’ – full of its unique big and small victories, sorrows and trepidations. And one which is constantly redefining not only the life that it wants for itself; but for its family, friends and the whole wide world.

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