#ComingHome What surfing and passion have in common

La Union 2

Photo from Marla Santos. Go with the flow!

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Find your balance before you stand up!” said kuya Abe to me after I took yet another face palm into the water. Damnit. Wasn’t I doing everything my surf instructor taught me? Put one foot in front of the other, lift myself up from the surfboard and repeaaaatugh! It’s a lot easier said than done. What was I doing wrong?

“Don’t be in such a hurry.”  

If you’re struggling to learn something new it’s hard not to be in a hurry to get it right. Like the surfers around me I wanted to enjoy the wave. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Most of all I wanted to stop landing on my face because it was starting to hurt.


Surround yourself with people who inspire you

But Lois Yasay, whom I finally met from the WeAreSoleSisters travel blog, said something during our Passionista workshop that weekend which applies to surfing and life in general:

“Conflict proves whether or not it’s worth it.”

La Union 9

Conflict is a disagreement among two or more forces. It can surge from within you or take you down from the outside. Literally. These waves, they can beat and batter you down if you’re not careful. Then the shore you have to swim to afterwards seems so far away.

La Union 10

Labor of love

Yes, it feels like the ocean and I don’t get along sometimes but I try anyway because it’s worth it. That’s what passion is. It’s what makes surfers travel over 6 hours every weekend just to catch the wave that sustains them throughout the working weekdays.

La Union 4

Photo from Passionistas. Passion Play participants!

It’s what brought a handful of us down to The Circle Hostel for our Passion Play weekend in La Union. Now I’ve attended and conducted my fair share of passion talks over the years, but what struck me was momentarily forgetting the answer to: What is passion?

La Union 17

Photo from Pilar Pedrosa. “Vision”

Given how much change I’ve gone through lately (moving to Singapore, among many others) I wondered whether I forgot about the passion that got me this far. Does the current bring us further from the shore or closer to the horizon? Is vertigo the distance we need to get through in the middle?

La Union 6

Photo from Passionistas

This dialectic tension, conflict of truth, is what a lot of people struggle with, yet it’s what makes discovering or fighting for our passion worth it. It makes us want to catch that wave, whether it’s the first, or the next, but never ever the last. It shapes us to become resilient and stubborn, even more so than the ocean. Just remember what kuya Abe said:

La Union 12

Photo from Lena Mckenzie

La Union 5

Photo from Lena Mckenzie

To stand up, find your balance. To find your balance, don’t be in such a hurry. So work towards your passion, one foot at a time. Believe that when you’re ready to stand up, you will. 

La Union 1

Photo from Marla Santos. Surf success!

If you want to join the next Passion Play retreat contact pinoypassionista@gmail.com or book at the newest Circle Hostel branch in La Union lu@thecirclehostel.com

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Other photos from the weekend:

La Union 7

Always :)

La Union 3

Photo from Lena McKenzie: Beach Besties

La Union 13

Photo from Pilar Pedrosa: Roadtrip to Bacnotan!

La Union 20

Last day, last wave! Hi Raf.

La Union 19

I had the coolest surf instructor. Hi Kuya Abe!

La Union 11

San Mig Pale > Everything else

La Union 21

Home is Pancit Canton

La Union 14

Chill vibes

La Union 18

On the way back. New friend. Hi Raina


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