2012 in review: Favorite moments

In my previous year end review I promised that I would post about my favorite moments of 2012. While going through my archive of posts I realized how much happened this year. So much change! Note to self: Never forget to look at the year in its entirety. 2012 was not only about moving to Singapore (although it does feel that way because it’s the biggest moment!) but the  factors that kept my momentum going. Life should never have a single defining moment. How boring it would be afterwards! Stay challenged. Have fun!

So I can finally move on with my back-blog, here are some of my favorite moments of 2012. After this year, bring it on 2013!

Speak up, write down

Finding my byline

Finding my byline

‘Writer.’ I still feel awkward whenever someone refers to me as one. I know a lot of talented writers (many of them my friends) who I feel express themselves more poetically than I do. But my need to express — feelings, thoughts, criticisms, lessons, inequalities, truth — far outweighs the insecurity to hold back. So I didn’t. The process continuously sharpens my pencil. I live to write. I write to live. I found my voice in 2012 by speaking up, writing it down and thankfully getting published in return:

3rd place in Rappler’s Stories That Move Your World competition

Rappler: Beyond ‘Nosebleed’

Interaksyon: Waking up to being Filipino

Yahoo! Philippines: Interviewing Boys Night Out

1st Runners Up in Toastmasters International Area Competition 

Inquirer: One Doggy Love Story




Graduation is self-explanatory. College is that place nostalgia protects against all odds. The place you go back to when you feel cynical, lonely and ‘old.’ A four year timeline of awkwardness, vulnerability and invincibility. In other words, a tiny glimpse of life after college. If you could make it back then, remind yourself that you can make it now when you have the experience to know and do better.

See through travelled eyes

Travel... whether it's in your backyard or abroad!

Travel… whether it’s in your backyard or abroad!

Traveling should always make it to every year end review! Even when I was broke over summer I traveled simply by walking around Binondo, China Town and Quezon City Memorial Park or taking a photowalk/commute through the city. Even if I went to amazing places like Malacca or Bangkok this year, it’s when I didn’t have a lot of money when I realized what true traveling meant: the willingness to see with travelled eyes wherever I was. It’s what I did back in Manila and even in Singapore exploring places like Geylang. 

The Hungry Reporter

The hungry reporter!

The hungry reporter!

Another way I traveled this year was with food! Luckily Singapore satisfied my foodie cravings and cultural curiosity from nutella milk shakes to Indian chaat, butter crab and sambal sting ray!

The book worm 

Back to the book worm

Back to the book worm

I rekindled my love for reading this year by making time for it and investing in books. 10 books in 12 months! Another fantastic way to travel while laying in bed!

Geography of Bliss; The Happiness Project; Goddesses in Everywoman; Casual Vacancy; Perks of Being a Wall Flower; Time Keeper; Night, Dawn and Day by Elie Wiesel;  Maximo Soliven: The Man and the Journalist

Domestic Problems



Tapping into my inner domestic goddess. Yes, she exists. Curse those dishes but I admit. They make me a better person.

Personal indulgence

Spend on experiences

Indulge in experiences

I always preferred spending my money on experiences rather than materialistic things. So working makes it easier to do it without feeling guilty. Why? Because it’s my money! Hello Passion Pit, Zouk Out, all my favorite plays and events like the Singapore’s Writers Festival.

To the people who make you feel less lonely

To the people who make you feel less lonely

Living abroad sheds light on the value of relationships with friends and family. Either people have it or don’t. Then you ask yourself if it bothers you.

While I know how to be by myself, it’s difficult to be living in a country with people who are culturally different from me. It gets harder to find people who just ‘get it,’ and to run to people who do because they’re miles away from you. I’m thankful for the relationships that have kept me sane this year… the people who remind me of home, the random like minded spirits and friends who have taught me how to be open and my family who always give me strength.

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