Coming soon: Life update

How to learn

To say that the last month and a half has been crazy is an understatement.The work has been challenging, hence I’ve been learning a lot.

Its really been a test of my optimistic and proactive capabilities. How many times can I smile and remind myself that it’s OK. I’m entitled to being human (at least for your first job. Hah.) that I can do this and most importantly over come it (and I have.) Note to self: First jobs are about earning your dues and learning the process to everything, especially when it’s out of your comfort zone.

My first taste of digital strategy and first biopic/ writeup for the creds deck!

Not only is work the culprit of my lack of entries but…

… my trip to Malacca, Malaysia AND…

to Bangkok, Thailand over the last two weekends are to blame too.

On the upside, it means that I have some upcoming wanderlust + digital for dummies stories!

Also, I’ve become a contributor for two sites which I’ll talk about in separate entries but I’m quite excited! It’s an outlet for two things I love: travel and social empowerment.

Stay tuned ;-)


2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Life update

  1. Hi Rix, hahahahah you are growing up, not too fast please as I would like to see the baby fat in you..Anyway, just to share, in Citibank family, we get all the training and seminars on all topics in life particularly on the money side…………….In the seminars ek2 we have situational/s and role modelling, where you are allowed or encouraged to commit all the boboos eke2 while there. But after going through the process, you are expected to commit lesser mistakes…………As a professional you learn but as humans there is the heart or the emotional side and most of the time, we use our human emotions to decide on things…..Remember I have been telling you, think like a woman and decide like a man, for a man lets face it not unless he is a gay, is less emotional,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahah just a thought,Love u


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