Domestic Diary #2: The Domestic Goddess (Book Review)

I love the power of personification; metaphors with a poetic heart beat, making our deepest stirrings loud, distinct, and vulnerable.

That’s why I enjoyed “Goddesses in Every Woman” by Jean Shineda Bolen. While it’s a book with a psychological underpinning, it’s written in such a way that makes the goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology appear human. In fact, so human they feel like you.

As we transition through different stages in our life, our inner voices will quarrel like gods, each with their own distinct character traits. I like imagining Athena, Demeter and Aphrodite in a cat fight, b*tching out for supremacy in my life.

If friends can bring out the best and worst in us, so can the presence of these goddesses — Athena your ambitious colleague, Demeter the homebody and Aphrodite your partying partner in crime. It’s just a matter of who you choose to pay attention to.

Honestly, it’s a bit unnerving to see so much of myself in a book, coloring the grey areas into characters I can picture having brunch in my head.

Out of the 3 categories — the Virgin, Vulnerable, and Alchemical goddesses — I  understand why I now have the desire to learn how to cook in Singapore. Say hello to my domestic goddess! She has a calming effect that slows down my otherwise active state of mind.

Pasta is the most obvious and easiest first-meal-to-cook-on-your-own choice. No maid make my spicy tuna pasta for me anymore!

Al dente? Cooking teaches you how to be patience. Learn strength through hunger pains.

So… onions REALLY do make you tear up! Sometimes it takes longer to prepare the food than do the actual cooking

I cooked a mean pot of chicken curry! Best eaten with naan. It turns out that I’m not too bad in the kitchen. Yummy!

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