Digital for Dummies #2: Maybe we’ll always be dummies

In anticipation of the future. Checking out the view from the new office at Raffles.

I’ve been approaching this whole Digital for Dummies series all wrong.

As a writer my first instinct is to regurgitate information, spit them out with enough insight to hook the reader with an interesting story. But my problem is that digital is a lot harder to swallow and I’m stuck with no words and lack of experience.

Digital noob. (C) Francis Chong

Three months of experience is peanuts, I know. Lately Ive been swamped with wrapping my head around this world, trying to harness my bewilderment and nagging notion of not knowing.  With an entry-level position, I have more questions than answers about this industry and how far we can push its limits. But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it?

Can we really create an app for everything? If we could, is it even useful to? If so, how do you break this to a client when it’s still a business opportunity?

Is the digital option always better? When is it not?

When is enough, enough? How much of our lives do we really want to divulge and experience online?

How much are we willing to let our information be commoditized for the sake of convenience and connectivity?

If digital emphasizes connectivity, globalization, etc, will society forget the value of being alone and unplugged?

Is the so-called “user experience” part of the unconscious mind that came to life (ie we didn’t realize it was important until Steve Jobs pointed it out) or is it just a case of “perception is reality?”

Will we come to that point where the world resembles the Jetsons? (By 7 years old self sure hopes so!)

If digital is the future, then what does that future look like? It’s what makes this virtual nebulous so fascinating.

Breaking in the new office at Raffles. Moving here in 2013!

Compared to traditional media, I like how digital is a pusher — three dimensional in function, and tenuous in form – with no tried and tested method of getting it right. A lot of articles will claim their own theory and expertise about digital. But as a more intuitive medium, we forget that our consumers are often fickle minded. By handing them more control to dictate the direction of the industry, won’t the experts always be dummies in disguise?

With my boss! Someone with years worth of tried and tested methods. (C) Francis Chong

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