Good bye Manila, with love (A photoblog)

I never thought this would be my last birthday in Manila (for now), so I spent it the way I always wanted to. With a cocktail of friends, rarely shaken and stirred from the different parts of my life. The hangover lasted for a week and a half, under the daze of goodbye.  I’ll miss these people who make Manila awesome. I’m glad I got to see most, if not all the people I wanted to see. A despedida is the best way to get people out of hiding. 

I used the “I’m leaving” excuse to finally host a small birthday/ despedida at my house.

How lucky am I to have a bestfriend with the same birthday as me? Double the fun! Part two of the birthday celebration, courtesy of Mej.

Lovely lunch at Shinjuku with my crazy family! (See top right photo.)

My ACOMM family — the EB and the sexycans!

My blockmates, Aika and Kevin (Top) and childhood/high school bestfriend of 16 years, Ana banana (Bottom.)

My neighbor, not only residentially, but in spirit.

What’s left of ILTGN cause everyone is off jet setting somewhere


6 thoughts on “Good bye Manila, with love (A photoblog)

  1. dont ever say it again,” its last birthday in Manila”. One of these days ill buy your living rights so i will have you posted forever here in pinas. hahaha. what about our crazy pictures in cara mia, much better pictures than the once posted…….Your Bapak,.the only deserving man in your life

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