Twenty two, twenty-something

Twenty somethings. We’re  smiling uncertainties

Every birthday I like predicting what the upcoming age will be like. My transition to twenty was about life turning beautifully real. At twenty one, I took my cue from Bella Swan and used my absolute certainties to “discover the rest of the world with conviction and honesty.”

Now I’m  two years into this phenomenon we call the twenty-somethings. Thought Catalog packages this stage as the  “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” refrain of a Britney Spears song. It’s supposedly the voice of our generation. We have one foot in reality (sometimes just a toe), while dragging the other behind us, most especially if you just graduated from college and are now faced with the pressures from the real world.

Personally, Thought Catalog has become too whiny for my taste, using youth too much to get out of jail. When pressure cracks the floodgates, it overflows with torrents of excuse and complaint and undermining the value of hard work.

I’m a twenty something now who’s about to start working. Twenty two to be exact. To me that means that I have more control over my life to do whatever I want not only in the present, but the future.

They say to make the most out of your twenties right? But how about your thirties? Forties? At this fertile stage, this defining decade, I want to have fun and work hard in a way that will help me perpetuate it in the future when I’m not twenty-something anymore, no longer with hands  in the pockets of my parents.  So in that way, I can be young forever.

I love being a twenty-something.  To me it’s the perfect time to…

Question… your beliefs, society, the system. Be open. Form your own opinions.

Talk… to your parents. Now that I’m older I appreciate my parents more now. They are a goldmine of knowledge, wisdom and stories. You don’t have to agree with them, but their insights will give you a better gauge of reality. It’s best to be prepared.

Listen… to people. It’s hard to listen nowadays with so many people wanting to voice their opinions online.

Think… critically about the world, because everything affects you.

Share… your thoughts, passions, insecurities, fears, etc. Put yourself out there and you’ll be surprised at the amount of people willing to help you or feel the same way you do.

Give… back to those who have helped you become the person you are.

It’s an impressionable period that’s simultaneously both young and old; a balancing act of recklessness, experimentation and responsibility. I’m a twenty-something, which means that when I start work next week, I have more power to decide the life that comes next.


4 thoughts on “Twenty two, twenty-something

  1. Inspired work, Rica. Not too long ago, I avoided talks of the future. Bugged me out.. Change translates to uncertainty, who is a blood relative of fear. I’ve learned to shake the bastard’s hand, though :) Still, it’s nice to see such fiery words from peers. Solid stuff.

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