How to create an enchanted forest

Since I’m currently in the process of cleaning out my room I  stumbled upon my old IB Theatre Portfolio. To fulfill my high school course requirement my independent project was to create a publicist’s vision for the high school play, “Beasts and Beauties.”

Back then I wasn’t aware that I was showing signs of marketing, innovation, advertising or project management — everything which I ended up studying in college anyway; everything which still interests me now.

I forgot about this project. But looking back, transforming the lobby into an enchanted forest by using plants, crepe paper, and paper mache was pretty cool. It had never been done before.

The initial challenge for the front of house design was in trying to represent 8 different stories with one holistic image or concept. […] This is why our second approach concentrated on the underlying theme between the 8 stories, which was that of storytelling. (May, 2008)

The lobby was meant to be aesthetically pleasing as opposed to entertaining. It became an enchanted forest because it made use of the senses of  sight, smell and sound. […]Because the enchanted forest created an atmosphere that was serene, beautiful and intimate, this would disillusion the audience of what the play was actually like, which is sadistic, dark and even humorous. (May, 2008)

I also re-conceptualized and re-packaged the program to serve as a scroll, which was more in line with my story telling theme.

To create the feeling of a castle tower, we hung left over drapes to sweep like a canopy from the second floor!

Damn. Looking back I realized how ambitious this project was for a teenager. Luckily, I had the right resources  at my disposal. Haha, come to think of it, I don’t even remember how I funded this. Surely, not out of my own pocket.

But regardless, I’m posting this to remind myself of what creativity, vision, resourcefulness and challenging yourself can do to transform reality into well, an enchanted forest!


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