Work and play

I forgot how much fun being surrounded by creative friends with SLR cameras is. They willingly take photos without request or complaint.

I also forgot how much fun releasing thy inner hipster is, courtesy of le fedora hat, which I haven’t brought out in awhile. Apparently, what I haven’t forgotten was how to be vain hahaha. It’s the hat. 

While I covered this story for ManilaLive, events like this make it feel more like play rather than work.

So, allow me to indulge this post with a photo-spammage of the Manila Music Festival last May 1, 2012.

It was the perfect excuse to catch up with Gio, my old-partyphile partner in crime and college blockmate, who served as my official photographer. 

…For my article, and potential profile pictures. Hello Mr. Mosby. I’m right here!

Naturally, we ran into Karen.  She’s our block’s cover girl for YoungStar and hipsterdom. We were all there as media reps.

And then there was everyone else — both expected and unexpected! A random reunion of unlikely characters from the past and present.

Not to mention strangers with water guns.

The novelty is the freedom to express yourself in any form (art, music, dance, poi), without judgment.

But when the sun sets,

the party rises.

Photos courtesy of Rica Facundo, Gio Dionisio, Karen Bolilia and Status Magazine

View article on ManilaLive


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