It’s ‘astig’ being a Yahoo! Intern

Indeed, Yahoo! is astig.

The pristine white walls accented with their trademark royal purple color is a testament to a place where professionalism meets creativity. The prestige of saying that “I write for Yahoo,” or “I intern at Yahoo” was always met with “Oh that’s so cool!” from friends who asked me what I’ve been up to lately.

It’s hard not to fan girl when Yahoo! Philippines is one of the premier digital internet companies in the world, but you forget to be intimidated when the work, the people and the place are fun. I may have been the lone intern for the months of January to March but the stint never felt lonely.

You make your internship what it is and Yahoo! never limits how much you want to learn. All you have to do is ask — questions about people’s work, to pitch a story, tag along in a shoot, write for a different section, etc — none of which was in my official job description. They’re flexible if the intern is flexible.

While I’ve written and worked with other companies before, this is the first time I’ve learned about the business and technical aspect of the industry. Even in editorials, the numbers are just as important as the words.

My Pops is right when he says there’s a business side to everything, even for the artsy fartsy careers, which is something my communication upbringing is quickly trying to learn. As my boss Erwin Oliva, country editor for Yahoo! Philippines always tells me. If you can master both then you’re an asset anywhere, whether in the Philippines or abroad.

With my mentors at the Yahoo! She press launch. Top left: Charley Braga Bautista, Lifestyle editor; Bottom left: Erwin Oliva, Country Editor;

Speaking of my boss, and my other office mates as well, being surrounded by talented people with years worth of experience and accomplishments under their purple belt is not only inspiring but humbling. That was my realization after having drinks out with them one night. The burden of my generation is that we demand and expect a lot from the getgo, but what have we really accomplished at twenty-something?

Last December I applied to be an editorials intern, but I learned more than how to tighten my writing skills. Thank you to the Purple family for the the experience and the opportunity. Let me take you through my days at Yahoo! Philippines!

Yahoo! door handles will greet you in the morning. Excellent branding everywhere!

I arrive at my desk which has my name on the tag and the telephone. Pretty awesome.

The coffee I look forward to starting my day every morning. Really good! Unlimited too.

Sometimes I walk around the office whenever I need a break. I look around at some of the quirky interior designs like this doodle.

Editorial meetings and lunch out with the staff

Sometimes I buy chocolate at the 711 down stairs. I see this really cute trashcan. Monsters invade the fort!

The office is near Burgos Circle so sometimes I walk around, explore and shoot the skyline.

I want to work at the Fort because it's so aesthetically pleasing!

The "tree" found in the center of Burgos Circle which I didn't really pay attention to until I saw it in the day light. Beautiful!

Feed the media! Delicious fine dining at the Prada LG Press launch

One day I asked Jason Domantay, who's the video producer and reporter for Yahoo! Philippines if I could tag along on a shoot. So I did! I love going to these places I probably would never have gone to otherwise.

The sights you see in top secret places.

Drinking some coke in a plastic bag (old school!) As Jason told me, the work isn't always that glamorous. Lots of waiting.

My favorite tag along was interviewing/shooting with Boys Night Out! They were nice to me (kind of) haha! But fun, fun, fun interview where I saw a side of them I haven't heard of before.

One word to sum up my internship -- not just astig but ASTEEG!

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7 thoughts on “It’s ‘astig’ being a Yahoo! Intern

  1. Hello, I’m Tonet. I’m interested on applying as an Intern on Yahoo. Can you give me some important info? Thank You

  2. Hi Ms. Rica! I also wanted to apply as an intern in Yahoo, but are they still accepting? If so, can you also please give me some insights on how I can apply? Thank you and God bless!

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