College, and beyond

To say I was a handful throughout the last four years of college is an understatement, which is probably why I’m having a hard time “officially” closing that chapter on this blog. I don’t know where to begin because quite frankly, I’ve had a lot of “beginnings,” from various organizations I joined to making friends who are now barely acquaintances.

But I think it’s unfair to post about anything else before I write the obligatory college entry, so, here I am, one week after graduation, trying to put everything in a nutshell.

For now I would like to ignore the Atenean tendency and not talk about magis, men for others, excellence or service that my education instilled in me. Do I believe in those ideals? Yes. Do I believe I have practiced them? Definitely. But I remember being an awkward freshman once and being unaware of what all of those values were supposed to mean. Really, that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you didn’t graduate with an inkling of a social conscience then I don’t know where underneath St. Ignatius rock (which to my non-Atenean readers is our patron saint btw) you were living.

Those phrases, as nice as they sound, are representations of what I’m expected to learn. And I did, but not without getting lost, drunk at times, crying,  utterly ashamed, guilty, embarrassed and slightly heartbroken and betrayed first. What I remember most about college are the moments I didn’t really know anything at all (even though I thought I did.)

To me college is about the trifecta of experience, exposure and experimentation, which I believe plays a big factor in most aspects of love, life and career. College is about growing as a person, and you achieve that once you get most (if not everything) out of your system first. Change your hair. Take a risk. Make a mistake. College is the playground that grants you that freedom high school didn’t and the safety net that the real world won’t. You know what you genuinely like once you do what you don’t like, right?

I was a lot of things throughout college, but if anything, it only brought me closer to understanding who I really am and what I am capable of doing. Meeting all kinds of people from different backgrounds and with colorful personalities only made me see the people I can truly call my friends or the like-minded spirits I want to spend my time with. But each one, regardless of whether or not we’re only acquaintances now, taught me a thing or two about college and how to deal with the life beyond it. And for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you.

I can be…

…that ACOMM Vice President for Projects/career/ empowered woman/busy bee/

… Party girl, circa post-high school/ original Power Hour kid days

… Thespian, circa Blue Repertory/ All Shook Up Days

… Hipster, circa Status Magazine days (okay maybe people still call me this haha)

I can be part of these great community’s and barkadas.

a3 blockmates

URock days at NU 107. TRL = The Rica and Lisane Show

Student facilitator, circa INTACT days

UAAP family circa courtside days

NCAA girls circa courtside days

NCAA boys circa courtside days


Ateneo Student Leaders Assembly, Batch 9 and Facci core Batch 10

Blue Repertory

Singles group and extended family

ILTGN throughout the years

Original Power Hour days when Michi, Cara (and even myself) were still there

To the different boys who have taught me a thing or two about like and love

Guidon (Beyond Loyola and G magazine)

Xanland condomates

But the best part about college is coming full circle to the people who stuck with me from the very start.

My favorite girls

Facundo family

The working world awaits and more change is bound to come my way. I might not end up in the job of my dreams, and who knows what kind of personalities I might have to deal with. But one thing college taught me is that change is inevitable. Embrace it and you’ll continue to find yourself and the people who will stick around along the way.


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