Co.lab xchange makes social entrepreneurship ‘sexy’

What started as a class assignment became worthy for publishing on Rappler! Moral of the story: Aim to always put out your best work, even if it’s for school haha.

Anyways, I’m glad this story is finally out. A shout out to all the aspiring social entrepreneurs out there. You should check co.lab xchange out. It’s a place to meet like minded individuals who are passionate about social change! A place to meet people who are just as “crazy” as you are, for collaboration, ideas, inspiration and support.

I had a fantastic time interviewing the people at co.lab. When I left, not only did I feel like I could do anything, but it was reassuring to meet people who share the same frustrations, passion and vision that I have especially since many have a “foreign filipino” background similar to mine. Ever since I published that article, I keep running into more! So, even if it was only my first time there, co.lab felt a little like home.


SMART CONVERSATIONS. A playpen or a playground of ideas is what co-lab offers.

Co.lab xchange makes social entrepreneurship ‘sexy’

By Rica S. Facundo

MANILA, Philippines – “When you think of social entrepreneurship you think of this. They’re good with research. They’re good with numbers. But I think what’s wrong with the existing model is that the sexy is not there,” says Tomo Nakayama, who runs a new co-working facility in Ortigas city.

And nothing is sexier than co.lab xchange, an alternative working space that attracts progressive and positive individuals who are on the cutting edge of new ideas and looking for people to share them with.

“People that I meet here are really about what’s next. They make me feel that I’m not crazy. Yeah, I’m not delusional. You guys are crazy too,” says Ruby Veridiano.

Among other things, Ruby’s an ex-VJ for MYX TV in North America who launched a writing empowerment program, “The Glamour baby Diaries,” spoken at over 400 venues all over the world, inspired the youth through her spoken word performance with iLL-Literacy, and founded “Meeting of the Minds,” an initiative to connect the young global Filipinos and spark them with projects of social change.

Read more on Rappler.


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