Where’s the ‘New Direction’ for the Ateneo Job fair?

Note: This entry is for our News writing class where we had to find a story in an hour. Put together by Aaron Valdez, Bernice Sibucao, and Rica Facundo.

“Nasaan na ang COM? Bakit puro SOM?”  chants Paolo Arago, IV-AB Communication, while looking around the job fair at the Red Brick Road.

The job fair is an annual event held by the Ateneo Placement Office in cooperation with various companies with various job openings and opportunities for fresh graduates.   Titled “New Directions: The Ateneo Job and Practicum Fair 2012”, the theme is questionable, now being challenged by various students who think that the event is SOM-centric.

Arago echoes the disappointment of non-SOM majors over the selection of companies in the job fair. Last week over the Sanggu Bantay-Halalan Facebook group, non-SOM majors pointed out the “SOM-centrism” of APO’s yearly effort.

“We should start talking about the Ateneo placement’s narrow conception of ‘going down the hill,’” says AB-Philosophy major Luther Aquino. “At least 90% of the jobs in the APO job fair brochure are corporate or banking or generally SOM related stuff.”

SOM majors also recognize this perceived bias towards their school.

“I’m in SOM and not even I can defend that,” says BS-Communication Technology major Zachary Lim.

Find out more about the Ateneo Job Fair in the The New Directions Magazine 2012

List of companies participating in the Job Fair

The direction of the companies

Job fair staple Procter & Gamble Philippines has a stall of its own, with its tarpaulin brandishing its array of brands. P&G Human Resources process Owner Kathy Macalalad says that every year, they accept company-wide hires numbering around 130. These new hires, she says, are from various schools.

“Usually, we get those in marketing and management, but we are open to all courses, since all departments have openings”, says Macalalad.

Companies such as Pathways and World Vision were also present, with their booths on the far end of the fair.

Ms. Solvie Nubla-Lee, Pathways Director, says that the resumes they have been receiving aren’t as numerous as the ones that the corporate companies receive.

“We aren’t particular with the courses. We are more on the lookout for the attitude and the ability to learn”, she says. “The pay isn’t as high as corporate salaries, but what we offer is different: fulfillment.”

Mr. Marion Tungpalan of World Vision says they are “also open to any course”, and are looking for people who can deal with advocacies.

“We aren’t exactly the apple of the eye here, but we can assure you a life-changing experience with regards to profession.”


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