Last song syndrome

Forgive me as I indulge myself in a heartfelt truth — the kind you tuck away, written in the pages of poetry and prose. Verses of a last song syndrome, recurring, clinging, lyrics stuck in your head like nostalgia. But boy, there’s more to truth than that one sweet rhyme. Listen to the rest of the song.

Two recent discoveries prompted me to think about how we choose to remember someone, what we overlook and why we do. People are not perfect, we know. Notice the awkward silence while attempting to recall moments we naggingly knew the right notes didn’t exist for in contrast to when, without thinking ,they just do. They should. Nostalgia can get carried away and it’s okay until we hide behind its disillusion.  Now as I revisit what I felt was true, I can breath a final sigh of relief.

Forgive me for sounding dramatic, but I believe truth never should be.


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