A hunch, and then some

Although last October was my last ever planning and evaluation seminar with ACOMM, there were many firsts. As usual we worked and played,  but this time we cried too.

I know I should start conditioning myself to the inevitable chain of lasts by now, especially with graduation four months away. But rather than toughening up to bear that upcoming reality, we opened our hearts to it. Somehow 3 days and 2 nights wasn’t enough. But maybe neither will the rest of this semester.

 We met up in Shell Magallanes where Max and Doza greeted me with poking fingers.

Then we stopped over at yet another gas station, but this time for lunch and pictures.  Since both activities take a significant chunk of our travel time, it’s a must to allot space  for that in our itinerary, lest we have a delayed ETA.
Upon arrival Kara looked particularly grumpy, not necessarily because of the long car ride, but because of another kind of journey — her life.  She’s been having a rough time lately. (Hi, Kara!)
But it’s nothing a lot of laughs and the company of good friends  can’t make you forget, at least temporarily.
Or a lot of hugs.
Or work. (I’d suggest the hugs though. They are far more effective!)
The Projects department presented. Well, apparently only I did while Kevin made faces behind my back.

It’s okay. I got back at him and took pictures behind his ass. Bwahahaha.

We talked about how to improve the new system we tried to implement, which was one of the biggest problems we faced last semester.  Funny. “The System” always seems to a problem in the world. That’s why most politics now is centered around good governance.

Cez agrees. It’s not that easy to understand.

Although, you can resort to stress eating. Not like I was stressed, but this picture shows why I gained weight over the break.

Or maybe it was because of all that alcohol…

But who cares when you’re having fun right?

Doza’s having a little too much fun.

Somehow I have a feeling second semester will be even better.
Well, it’s just a hunch :)
Pictures from Abby Villanueva, Camila Benipayo and Toma Cayabyab

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