How to survive hell/finals/(almost)heartbreak week

With second semester well on its way and my last ever sembreak finished, hell/finals/(almost)heartbreak week feels like such a distant fog. That Stressed out Sad Sucky September mess of myself — she’s also well on her way, but to some far away land this time. Thank God.

Even though this was more personally relevant to me two months ago, for anyone else reading this blog, who’s to say that it isn’t.  (I also want to take advantage of my lovely long weekend friendly schedule while I still can.)

Maybe I should have spent some of this time studying for exams, but this lesson was far more valuable– being able to find life especially when it felt particularly lacking.

1. Food trip with a friend

JT 's Manukans is one of the BEST Chicken Inasal places ever. Bacolod food ftw! Namit gid. It tastes better when you eat with your hands (which Steve and I did). I'm glad they opened one in Katipunan.

2. Laugh and rant with friends

Drinks at Tomato Kick, Katipunan Extension after watching Comedy Cartel in U.P.

3. Drink, drink, and drink with friends (or get drunk, either way)

Wine Bar opening in Ortigas -- free flowing wine which I fully took advantage of.! <3

Even though I was thinking, over thinking and un-thinking my stress alone in my head,  in the end,  I got by with a lot of help from my friends.


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