Me, my noodles and milk tea

After looking at my pictures I realized that my food tripping this semester revolved mostly around two things — milk tea and noodles. Milk tea places are everywhere now but noodles have always been part of my life.

I’ve always had a feel good spot for ramen or any kind of soup with noodles. I think it’s because of my upbringing with Mi Gorgeng Supermi  when I lived in Indonesia for 7 years. Until now a hot bowl of soup, especially when it’s spicy makes me happy. I find it fulfilling because the heat soothes bad vibes, the soup itself makes me feel whole by filling up my stomach without feeling heavy while the spice kicks just enough energy back into my otherwise lethargic body. (Perfect hang over meal!)

I’ve eaten in 3 new noodle places places this semester, only 2 of which I have pictures of. These took place quite awhile back so I’m describing most of these sights and tastes by memory.

Binondo or China town has so much character. My date brought me here for the experience which is why it’s one of my favorite dates so far.  In our brief encounter I feel that Binondo’s novelty is in being unpretentious. The moment you step out of your car it tells you exactly who it is. You can either take it or leave it. It has so many secrets to reveal if you choose to appreciate it. I wish we had more time to look around and take pictures but it was late by the time we got there.

According to my date Wai Ying is the place to eat in China Town. Never mind the ambiance because the food was delicious. No rip offs. This is when the real thing wont cost you an arm and a leg.

You have to try the Roast Duck Mami! Again, since this was a couple of weeks ago I can’t exactly describe the taste anymore but if you don’t trust my word, trust the picture. And hello, it’s roast duck. Nuff said.
Or trust my face of satisfaction. 

The second noodle house I went to is Wabi Sabi. If you’re a hipster, you’ll probably know of this place in the Collective in Malugay Street. I ate here with Joseph before watching his gig for the awesome but recently disbanded Good Morning High Five’s. I had the Shoyu Ramen (Ugh, i wish i could describe the taste in more detail!)and of course milk tea! As much as I like Moon Leaf, Serenitea, etc, I realize how commercial they are. Milk tea like this reminds me of the pseudo-authentic milk teas I’ve had in Thai restaurants such as Soms.

Speaking of milk tea, I tried this new place called TeaTap which you can find somewhere in San Juan. If I remember correctly, their milk tea is brewed which makes it healthier, less sweet but still good. Although, I’d rather go for sweetness over a “healthier” option but that’s just my sweet tooth talking.
There are seriously so many milk tea nooks nowadays. Since each establishment has to distinguish themselves in some way, if you can’t be original with the taste, then do it with the packaging! I found the friendly reminder on the cover pretty cute.
Anyways, I wish I could describe these experiences in more detail. But i guess this means I’ll just have to go back! Who’s with me? Lets food trip. Or go on a date.

2 thoughts on “Me, my noodles and milk tea

  1. Ya, you’ve turned more foodie this year Reekies! I’ve noticed. Haha welcome to the wagon :) I’ve heard of those other bubble tea places but haven’t tried because they’re in the north. So many of these bubble tea places popping up everywhere! Happy lemon’s still my favorite :)

    • It helps when you have someone to go with ;-) I’ve always liked foodie stuff naman! You and ate pia just overshadow me so you don’t really notice it as much :) I’m still not that fond of happy lemon!

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