Foodie for thought

Now that I’m officially on break expect a series of delayed microblogs about the past semester.  First up is Foodie Festival which was my first ACOMM project of the school year.

Last summer I was trying to think of a new project that would be fun and relevant for communication majors. It came to me while watching an episode of Junior Master Chef.  I don’t remember if it was just because I was hungry or how cool the kids looked chopping and sauteing with my penchant for food, but that was it. Food! Everyone loves food, especially with the emerging foodie culture in the Philippines! 

We were surprised and thankful when Mercato Centrale, the foodie haven, agreed to become our partner because we didn’t have a contact with them beforehand. Ah, the wonders of Twitter!

But we foodgasmed when Anton Diaz, the man behind the foodie culture himself tweets about the experience afterwards and your past presidents notice! Plus, on the day itself Rj Ledesma, one of the organizers said they wanted us to plan something similar for when they open in the South!

Anyways, the first part of Foodie Festival was a food blogging workshop given by Anton himself. He’s the founder of Our Awesome Planet. I always admire people who have the guts to leave a job of security to pursue a job of passion, especially a path that has not been traveled by society before. It takes guts to pursue, it takes heart to persist because there’s no one else to assure you that what you’re doing is right until you get there.

I’ve been blogging since middle school but even after almost 10 years I can still learn something new about my hobby. Generally, people think blogs are quite ego-centric and self -centered and vain (guilty haha). But if Heidegger was to describe blogging he  would say that we are blogs being in the internet with other blogs! In other words, we are personally writing the collective history of our generation and through our stories we affect each other.

That’s me, being ever so attentive during the workshop.

Food girl moment! Kevin, Ericka and Daphne and I with Anton Diaz.

The second part of Foodie Festival is the competition itself! I could not wait to get my hands on all this food! Neither could the rest of us. Hi Idge.

Xavi…. whatta long isaw you have there.

I would have bought my usual Manang’s Chicken but I decided to not be boring and try something new. Normally good babyback ribs are expensive and you order them in saucy places but my meal was cheap and saucy just the way I like it — all over my rice. P100 meal! I decided to double the carbo-load and order spuds for P50 on the side.

Kevin, on the other hand,  still wants his Manang’s and aint’ going to let anyone change his mind otherwise! Nomnomnom.

But the one thing I can’t resist buying over and over again  is Merry Moo’s ice cream! I forgot what flavor this was but they’re all good.

Mercato is not only about the food though. So, regardless of what you buy, it’s the company that makes everything taste better!
Don’t be selfish. Share the food.  Please Idge, please!
I hatchoo Idge. What was I thinking allowing myself to be “pushed” all the time by this guy?  
Just kidding.
Im so proud of Daphne. She was my project manager and despite our never ending problems with this project she was such a fighter. She stepped up and took charge of responsibilities that should not have been hers. Thanks Daph, from the bottom of my matakaw stomach.
Last summer I had this amazing idea for this project about food and blogging. The best ideas emerge from things you love and know to be true. All you have to do is take the time to look around and see it in a new light! There’s potential in everything if you just paid more attention.
Although i may have thought of it on my own, I would not have been able to realize the idea alone. Share your vision. Never do anything alone. Thank you guys <3
If you missed it, check out the post-project video.  Good eats, good friends, good vibes! :)

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