Calling all foodies!

I’m really excited for my department’s first project this year which is also the first of its kind. I love creating project out of things I love — food, blogging, and Mercato Centrale. If you love the same things, look below for the mechanics. Get a chance to meet Anton Diaz, get featured on his blog and win thousands worth of Mercato GC’s :)

If you’re a foodie, especially if you find yourself taking pictures of what you eat, then this project is for you!

Have good times and good eats with ACOMM and Mercato Centrale’s Foodie Festival! We give you a two-part ultimate food experience:

1) Catch the owner of Mercato Centrale and, Anton Diaz as he gives a talk on the ins and outs of food blogging. (September 17, 10-12pm at SecB 201) Sign up here:

2) Join the photojournalism competition where teams comprised of one writer, one photographer, one videographer, and one taste tester try out Mercato Centrale’s stalls to create the best food blog entries. Winning entry gets featured on plus Mercato Centrale gift cards worth thousands! (September 24, 11 to 1 pm at Mercato)

To inquire about the mechanics and application details:

This is open to ALL ATENEANS. Apply now and experience a food trip like no other!

Event page –>



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