Say it loud, say it proud!

Speaking of yearbook pictures, here are the official and outtakes from ACOMM’s yearbook shoot. Feels quite Mad Men huh?

Now that I’m a senior and everything about this year is illuminated by some aura of finatitude (finitude +attitude), my advice is to fool around and experiment as much as you want (like i did haha), but by this time in your college life, have pictures like these to smile about. Plus points if they are immortalized in your yearbook.

Say it loud, say it proud: We're ACOMM 9.

Comm majors never have just one side to their personality

At the beginning of this year our department had an identity crisis. Who are we?

But if our dynamic personalities can be captured in a picture...

... then it should stay in a picture.

Doza & I feeling the Mr and Mrs. Smith Vibes

For the love of vanity, pictures and ACOMM


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