Project Separation Anxiety

"Never depend on people needing you"

Project Separation Anxiety:

Noun: Anxiety provoked in a Vice President regarding separation from a project to whom the Vice President has a strong emotional attachment to. Symptoms include mixed emotions about wanting to be hands on yet trusting his/her constituents to figure it out on their own.

Keyword: Trust

Key phrase: “It’s up to you” or “What do you think?”

The other day Job, my thesis partner and I were talking about how much easier finding and balancing part-time work with school would be if we weren’t committed to school, particularly with orgs. He’s the current president of Ateneo Debate Society (Swerte ako for thesis, noh? Haha!) and I’m in a relationship with ACOMM.

My boyfriend is red, genderless and wears no pants. Taken during the General Assembly

Indeed that would be easier and more beneficial for life after college, but the sense of fulfillment I have in seeing my department grow is a high that pure careerism can’t give. This is my present. I’ll work on my future later.

Dun dun dun. Project Manager deliberations over banapple!

Because our job description is to be results oriented, I am definitely seeing my obsessive compulsive and controlling side come out. While I want to train and allow for mistakes to be made, at the end of the day I need to make sure that we deliver or else as my former boss always says “My ass will be on the line.” The challenge is in trying to find that balance.  But I always keep what Idge, our president, told me during my last individual consultation in mind: Learn how to let go.

Idge, our president, showing us how to let go haha. Cutiepie!

It’s expected that a certain amount of training and guidance is needed in the beginning. But after all the stress and anxiety, the best part is that feeling when you no longer need to and they can do it  and most importantly want to do it on their own. It’s like being a catalyst for change but not having to be the change yourself.

2 months down, and 7 more to go. So far, so good! :) As long as I live by this…

“The mark of true leadership is getting people to stop needing you.”

“They understand that if they can tap the hidden genius inside the organization, and the collective genius outside the organization, they will create ideas that will be much more powerful than what even the smartest individual leader could ever come up with on his or her own. No body alone is as smart as everybody together.”

Some shots from this year:

The projects family <3

Credit goes to Kev for this awesome shot. That's a speech not fart bubble btw.

Yes, i know i'm a whore for my org. We don't talk, we communicate! For recruitment week.

Org-torn survivors.

Can't get enough of those signs...

General assembly!

Kev, Abby and I always ready to serve you guise!

The dynamics of your team are very important. Can you tell ours? :))


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