7 more months until the rest of my life

Even as a kid I wanted to be a citizen of the world, except back then I didn't realize it just yet.

“The past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition”

In the past weeks I have been slowly cleaning out my room. So, it’s timely that yesterday I stumbled across my high school senior yearbook quote when last week i just had my college graduation picture taken. In the process of unearthing mementos I’ve been getting a kick out of re-discovering my past-self which in a lot of ways is the pubescent version of myself now.

We  say that we’re so tired of this, or so over that. Last year was so last year kind of thing. We always say that we’ve changed, but have we really? Maybe growing up distracts us  with arbitrary and materialistic things. Perhaps now I’m less whinier and brattier and my lifestyle has changed, but at the core I’m still the same Rica minus the pimples,  plus nicer clothes, and multiplied by a better sense of direction.

Graduation… Currently I don’t have any feelings about it except for the awareness that I’m nearing a milestone that everyone goes through. There will be a lot of change, but that’s something I’m used to handling. No matter how crappy my first salary might be, at least this time the change can go into my pocket and I have more control of where and how to harness it.

I’ll be posting some findings in upcoming entries but in the mean time here are my graduation pictures from middle school (I cringe!), high school and college and the writeups that came with it.

Grade 7 in Reedley (Yuck-- to the picture). I forgot who wrote this

My mom says that I look like Wednesday Adams. This was my acne and pre-bangs stage. Although, generally the grad pictures of everyone were horrible and made everyone look kind of morbid.

High school in ISM

Still in the pre-bangs stage of my life haha. The last time my hair was really long!

College toga shot (Yehesss!)

 Title: Lives like summer (Inspired by one of  my favorite songs that I think describes who I am — Drops of Jupiter by Train.)

Rica’s penchant for quotes says more about her than her awareness of media and literature. It speaks of her search for meaning in everything–for experience and knowledge. While most people fall victim to the cynicism of the modern world, she attains a city-girl toughness while still maintaining the idealisms of a young flower child. She’s guaranteed to have stories to share to her grandkids. She’s the kind of person who you know will get the most out of life because she desires to live.

Thank you to my girls Lena, Mej and Keena for their collaboration on my write up :)

Confessions of a graduating college senior

My casual shot!


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