The alternative summer

Weekdays are my new weekends. This summer has been a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new with people, places and things. As much as I like meeting new people, nothing beats catching up with the old as well. Lately I’ve been spending my summer a little bit “alternatively” aka different from the usual stuff, and the refreshing change of scene is exactly what these hot and humid nights need.

Plantation Bar: Ladies Night! 

Despite coming from different barkadas I like girls who can randomly get together and have a great time like they’ve known each other for years.

Plantation Bar is this relatively new night time nook near the Makati Ave area along Carlos Palanca St. It’s not that big, but it’s chill enough for a happy night. And by happy I mean that special place after a certain number of cocktails which are free for the ladies from 9-11! I spent P50 (for shared food) in total for i-don’t-know-how-many cosmos and lychee martinees which were delicious as they were strong!

Game night group where anyone can gimmik, but not everyone is game.

I think this is the nth group I’ve become part of. One for every new stage of my life haha. The common denominator though is that they’re comprised of random people who are up for anything and know how to have a good time. Being open is the key to having fun no matter who you’re with or where you are.


Brain teasers are a surefire way to buzzkill your buzz

Saguijo: Good Morning High Five’s Album Launch

Photo by Jon San Pedro

I went to support the band of two of my friends and ended up hosting the night as a favor to their manager. I had a blast!

Even though I initially hesitated I immediately gave myself a mental slap in the brain, told myself to get over it and just do it.  Hello! Be ready for anything.

Photo by John San Pedro

James, my partner was also asked to host on the spot, which was good because the original guy was high off his ass haha. But luckily our chemistry worked.

I have a hidden desire to be the front singer of a band for one night

Whoever is reading this entry, this is my shameless plug that if you need a host for a gig or any kind of event, please, CONSIDER ME. Hosting seems to be the only skill I’m good enough to monetize. If ever (crossing my fingers) you’re interested, leave a comment! I need the extra cash.

Photo by John San Pedro

Headlining the night. Who we – the bands who performed and the fans who came, all came here for. Good Morning High Fives! Officially a fan girl!

Photo by Art Nepomuceno

Sometimes I wonder how the hell can the OPM scene be dying when it’s obvious that there’s so much pinoy talent out there. First time I’ve heard of  the Walkie Talkies, and even though it was only one half  of the duo, shit, I was seriously blown away.

Steve! Philo & theo classmate turned unlikely friend. 

Steve texted me  saying that he saw this picture that my friends and I had in Rogue for attending this one event. One text led to another and I ended up randomly inviting him for the gig.

My friends, the rock stars!

Comedy Cartel – Spicy Fingers

 Mr. Marlon Olivan- headliner for the night

I’ve always wanted to go to a Comedy gig and finally I have! If you want a good laugh go to Comic Cartel at Spicy Fingers, GB2.  P150 entrance. Props to stand up comedians. Not only do you need balls, but smarts too. Who knew being funny was such hard work.

Ran into a common friend Victor who was performing that night! I am definitely going to go back.

Casa Nami Surf Bar Rockeoke Mondays!

Singing “Someday We’ll Know”

Rockeoke is not dead! I love open mic nights. Casa Nami is a really chill surf bar filled with good company!

Young at heart <3

Just make sure you’re game enough to go up to the mike to get the full experience!

Guaranteed GV 

Lunch and dinner dates!

Finally hung out with some familiar faces. It’s nice to have someone in the same industry as you who you can talk to aka Lisane and Bianca (top and bottom right) friends from the URock and court side days. When your friends are aspiring dj’s or broadcasters you can be sure that the conversation is never boring. So glad that even though those days are over (for now), I’ve made one or two friends from it.

Then there’s dan on the bottom left who I finally got the chance to meet up with despite many failed attempts to.


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