Extra bright I want y’all to see this

I was bored and I absolutely loved the outcome of our ACOMM9 photoshoot at the beginning of summer. Initially I was just going to photoblog these pictures as is, but I had the extra time to tinker around with photoshop and sit on my ass for hours.

Improving my skills is part of my summer to do list because as you can see I’m still quite the amateur haha. I need to work on typography (among other things.) The output kinda reminds me of Diesel’s brilliant Be Stupid campaign. Aaaanyways…

The copy for these photos are actually mantras, attitudes or quotes from the few months ACOMM9 has worked together. What’s interesting is how the pictures unintentionally reflect those sayings which shows that ACOMM9 will be practicing and playing along with what they preach.

Turn up the lights in here, baby. You know what I need. Want you to see everything. Want you to see all the lights.

Presenting ACOMM’S Executive Board and Core for SY 2011-212.

Idge, our el Presidente, had each department brainstorm a legacy project for next year. Lets just say if it pushes through (and it will), ACOMM will successfully have been revamped.

I’m the VP for Projects and I have the best AVP’s I could have ever asked for. Not only do I know that their extremely capable and reliable, the best part is that I have no doubt that their hearts are in it as well.

This quote is outlined in the dept. attitudes we came up with back in our first ever meeting in April. Below are some other policies and attitudes for next year.

This rule is out of courtesy and respect, even if it’s just for acknowledgement.  Abby and Kev have been really creative in replying to my emails and texts. Some examples include: Roger, K, Kay, game, etc.

I may be the “boss” but we’re all equals in our department. The department is only as good as we are as a team.

Always ask for help. Always.

Lauren “G Dawg” and Rica “Peeps” saying dope is the word, brah.

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