Straight from the intern’s mouth

Last summer I described my internship at Status  Magazine as the “Beauty Of Doing Something.” This year my experience is exactly the opposite. But instead of ranting (some more) about how it wasn’t what I expected I’ll hold back my tongue. Apparently there’s also beauty in doing nothing as well. And trust me, I’ve tried very hard to see it skin deep.

A majority of the time i didn’t have much to do. So, in the absence of activity I was forced to pay attention to details that are usually overlooked in the presence of something more exciting.

Summer buzzkill

1.  It’s no wonder why yuppies or people stuck having a job out of necessity and not passion (which is practically most post-graduates) look forward to going out on the weekend and even weekdays so much. Shallow indulgences have more depth than your mundane work day, even if that enjoyment only goes as deep as your beer bottle. I think a small part of me used to judge them, but now I don’t blame them. The more reason to find a job that you absolutely love.

Appreciating the Ortigas skyline by foot while commuting 

2. BUT one big difference between going out on a workday and school day is that work takes up a full 8 hours while school doesn’t. Can you endure your sleep-deprived hangover for that long? You can’t take a power nap because it’s unprofessional. I know that from experience hahaha.


3. You gain the most useful information about work outside of the 4-by-4 cubicle, like during a yosi break or over lunch where the office space doesn’t have ears listening in.

…. 4. Which is why it’s important to befriend that one officemate who will share with you the intricacies of the real world bureaucracy! The one we continually get more immersed in as we grow older and less sheltered.

When expectations don’t align with reality

5. As an intern, what’s worse than being described as being on the bottom of the office ladder is being extra space that’s begging to be utilized.

6. I’ve gotten to know my own leadership style and work ethic better. Not only do I believe in the value of being hands on, but i don’t care if your process includes facebooking every 5 minutes just as long as you get your shit done.

7. I’ve picked up the habit of reading more than the lifestyle section of the newspaper and I’m loving it. It’s my favorite way of passing the time at work.

Contemplating the road to my career

8. The odd jobs that I did do might pay off in the future. Have you watched Limitless starring hottie Bradley Cooper? That movie is a testament that remembering mundane details from the past is key to becoming successful in the future. That is my rationalization of hope.

9. An 8-5 job is tiring no matter how busy or not busy you are. Despite sitting on my ass the whole day, the simple fact that I’m  up by 7am  surprisingly makes me really hungry by lunch.  And I can’t exactly burn off my appetite afterwards by sitting. No wonder working makes post-graduates fat haha

Hmm decisions.

10. But the most important thing I’ve learned from doing nothing is that it shed some light on that something that genuinely makes me happy. I absolutely do not want a desk job. My personality is meant for something more engaging. I think I’ve found it and I promised myself that I will exhaust every opportunity I can in pursuing it. Fingers crossed for this upcoming month!

When all else fails, count on the people


2 thoughts on “Straight from the intern’s mouth

  1. I’m glad that your internship experience helped you realize what kind of work you aren’t suited for; that revelation alone, I’d say, made it worth-while. With all of the insights you’ve gained, your search for a job that’s compatible with your personality should be a bit easier. One of my greatest fears is that I will one day be trapped with a job so utterly bland that I, too, will indulge myself in shallow pastimes for sustenance; in such a miserable state, one would merely be decaying. If I do find myself in such a position some day, by then I hope I will have adopted your optimistic/constructive mentality so that I don’t just shoot myself in resignation haha.
    I remember you describing yourself as a generalist with little taste for specialization. How is this affecting your deliberations on which career path to take?
    In your last few sentences, you kind of tantalize your readers (well, me at least) by not mentioning what “it” is.

    • Haha, I think that no matter how much I try to become more focused, i’ll always be a generalist. It’s in my nature and it has its advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that I’m aware of it and try my best to work with the areas i fall short in haha. Hmm regarding how it’s affecting me, well i think at the end of the day it just comes down to realizing what I genuinely enjoy doing (even as a past time) and letting that point which career path to take and luckily (hopefully!) I think I have the ability to be successful doing it.

      Haha, i don’t mean to leave anyone hanging it’s just that I don’t want to say anything unless I’m sure. Hopefully I can soon! I always think that we only have time for shallow indulgences when we lack something else better to do. Or, well when we obviously need a break haha. I hope you don’t end up in that state either! I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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