Family lah-ve

I think the universe is long overdue in giving my sister what she deserves!

When I’m in church for Sunday mass I have this habit of trying to harmonize with the choir during my favorite church songs. I say try because even though I sing pretty decently harmonizing does not come naturally to me. Whether or not I succeed Ate Pia, my sister, knows how much of a kick I get from doing it. Given that she’s a great singer herself (Ateneo Glee Club Pres and Chamber singers!), usually she just rolls her eyes at me whenever I discreetly elbow her every time I actually get it right.

Stuffing our faces is the Facundo way to bond!

But last night while I was singing my “Glory to God in the hiiiighest” in church and actually ending on a blended note, I had no one to to humor my secret (but stupid) enjoyment at church with.  Ate Pia had just moved to Singapore 2 nights ago. And although words can not express how pretty damn proud I am of her, there I was standing in the pew, laughing at myself. Alone.

Coffee date with one of our favorite tita’s!

Obviously something trivial like harmonizing in church is not a big deal. And according to Ate Pia what’s also not a big deal is the fact that she’s leaving because 1. Singapore is not that far away and 2. thanks to the internet there are so many ways to keep in touch. But personally, I don’t think the lack of physical presence is the point. The point is that she’s moving on and in a way so are the Facundo’s.

I admire my sister not because she’s my ate, but because she lives a kind of life that keeps me grounded in mine

My family has hit an important milestone with many more to come soon after. Ate Pia is the first to leave the nest while my other sister, Ate Maica, is almost 26 and her chances of getting married to her boyfriend and starting her own life are very real. (Well, in my opinion at least haha.)

Then there’s me, the baby in the family who will graduate college in a year. Although it causes them separation anxiety, for my ageing parents these are the kind of milestones they live to see their kids go through.

Pops & Ate

I remember during our last Sister Sunday I was listening intently to my sisters talk about the future, not just theirs, but of our family in general like retirement plans for the parents, buying a house, investments etc. I couldn’t add much to the conversation. Yet. After all I’m only a student in her twenties. The most I’m entitled to worry about is graduating college.

Ate Maica is allowed to cry.

Blame it on the self-centeredness of being the youngest but what struck me during that conversation was that I’m not the only one growing up. My family is too. Although we’ve had our own share of dysfunctional history, it makes me so happy to see the kind of family we’ve become.

Cue pathetic fallacy for dramatic effect haha

Moving on is inevitable. The older we get, the further we move into a future that is entirely our own. I just didn’t occur to me that the house will become quieter sooner than I realized.

Something to remember us by

But when for someone you love moving on means moving forward in their life, then laughing at myself, alone, during a Sunday sermon is something I’ll gladly get used to.

Visit my sister’s blog here. She is a fantastic writer and amateur photographer. 


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