Blowing bubbles

One day I will touch the clouds,

by reaching beyond my fingertips and blowing bubbles to the sky.

For these dreams are worth my every try.  

Never stop blowing bubbles. 


4 thoughts on “Blowing bubbles

  1. This post reminds me of when I was about your age, and was crossing that line that divides boyhood and adulthood. I had a lot of wild dreams and ambitions. One of them was to drive from Houston to Alaska, then write a novel whilst working as a deckhand in a fishing boat. I remember wanting to reach nebulas I’ve only seen in NASA photos. I used to think I could change the world. That was my only goal in life. Then, I grew up.

  2. Addition:

    This is not to say that the cynisism that comes with adulthood–after you’ve been pounded by reality. I just lament the death of the optimist I once was. I still dream, but my ambitions are now centered around reality; things that are practical.

    Not to say that you’re hopelessly naive. You seem to have accumulated enough experiences to know the systems that govern our world.

    Anyways, keep reaching for the clouds, even if they’re fleeting.

    • Haha, your comment reminded me of my attitude towards one of my good friends who’s only turning 19 this June. I’m 2 years older. He’s a big dreamer, explorer/adventurer, full of hope, optimism and awe and I told him he reminded me of myself so many years ago. I actually feel quite old/cynical compared to him and i’ve given him the same advice.

      Funny isn’t it? we all remind ourselves of each other from different parts of our lives. I guess it depends on from where you’re looking. But yes, i am starting to feel the growing pains myself. I hope you can revisit some of those clouds yourself one day!

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