Happy blogday!

Hmmm truth?

I have quite a bit of back-blogging and life updating to do but first I wanted to take a moment to commemorate my blog’s birthday.

As of 3 days ago, April 27, senorica is now officially one year old and as of today has gotten around 12,465 hits (based on unique visitors per day) which I admit I’m pleasantly surprised about given my limited self-blog-promotion. A part of me still cringes and is scared at the thought of totally putting this blog out there, especially on Facebook.  But regarldess, this calls for a celebratory post because I’m proud at how loyal I’ve been in updating this quite regularly.

Blogs are my kind of life doodles. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of journals and planners but this has become my favorite way to scribble my life down. Although a part of me is aware about how public i’m making my private life, I still do because not only do I do it for myself, but the thought process involved helps in keeping my life feel sane.

After re-visiting some of my first entries here I figured I would dedicate this post to personal reasons why I believe in the power of the blog. I was genuinely amused at what I wrote and how I wrote about the events that transpired. Taking the time to look back made me realize that I was glad to have something to laugh and feel inspired about in the first place.

1. When you’re feeling down a good person to get advice from is a past you!  Sometimes we need something, like a blog entry, to remind us of the mistakes we once made and the lessons we learned from them so that we don’t make them again in the present.  Plus, it feels less patronizing to hear it from yourself than someone else.

2. When you take a look at the person you were and everything you’ve done, it’s enough to re-motivate your cynical and complacent ass.

3. There have been a couple of occasions where strangers and people that I barely even know have told me that they read my blog and liked what I wrote as well as strangers who have subscribed to my domain.

It’s definitely surprising and unbelievable to hear. Although that has never been my motive to blog, it’s always such plus. People either like the way you write or that you’re doing something worth writing about. I hope I’m a little bit of both because really, all I do here is ramble and rant about my life haha.

4.  It’s empowering to see your own personal growth throughout the years and the different chapters you have closed.

5.  Blogging is also a great way to practice writing. For writers, it definitely helps in finding and developing your own voice. Seeing how you got there can be both amusing and painful haha. As the saying goes “a writer writes” regardless of agenda or audience. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve authored such idiocy and “genius.”

6. You remember the good times baby and this blog is happily full of it. : )


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