Use somebody

A3 at KD 2011

A couple weeks ago my block had our annual sem/year ender called “Krunkin Drunkin'” at Karen’s condo. I’ve blogged about these get together’s for 3 years already, so I won’t go in depth into how we hardly see each other anymore, how much we miss how a3 used to be, and the circumstances to blame for creating such sentiments.

Rather than talk about our lack of block bonding over the years, I want to focus on what’s obviously in excess instead: talent. Forgive me for sounding proud but damn, a3’s quite the power house and honestly, it can be quite intimidating.

Remember these faces

While everyone was busy chattering away in the sala, I remember listening in from the bedroom. Roxy was raving about her internship at Rogue which Karen re-affirmed by saying how the people you should impress were impressed. And since Karen’s already a PhilYoungStar writer at age 20 her word you know, means something.

Then Gio (who has contributed for Status) and Karen swap referrals while Jio and Aika name drop all these industry people whose names I should probably be more familiar with by now. (Although, I justify this by telling myself that I’m not going into publishing haha.) Then of course there’s Iya, who despite the fact that she’s all the way in Paris, is mentioned because we all know that she’s going places.

Don’t even get me started on all my amazingly talented friends who are not my aforementioned block mates. But for now let me focus on my blockmates.

Setting aside our own niches, generally in this industry we are somehow each other’s competition. But instead of feeling cut throat, a part of you (well, me) can’t help but feel excited at the prospect that my block mates will most probably be the people to know in the not so distant future of the media.

Although this might come off as brash, the truth is that we’re all going to use each other one day (if we already haven’t.) And i mean that in the best sense of the term, like how this person refers this person who uses this person for this particular job.

When you have such talented friends, you also can’t help but feel envious because you wish you knew your niche, scared because what if you never find it and wishful that when you do, you’ll be freaking awesome at it too.

Actually, you don’t even need to have talented friends. Reading and hearing about all the 20-somethings who are already making something of themselves is unnerving enough.

I’ve tried dabbling in a lot of things which I know is both my advantage and disadvantage. Right now a career in broadcasting is the dream, the details of which I don’t like sharing with a lot of people because I prefer not to get my hopes (too) up albeit still very much dreaming.

Anyways, although I know I just babbled about it I’m not too worried. I strongly believe that if I keep doing whatever “this is” that i’m doing right now, enjoy and be good at it, somewhere down the line the dots will eventually connect. Everything that I’ve ever done and the skills I’ve picked up along the way will finally come together and make sense.

Steve Jobs gives me hope. He created the i-series from a random typography class he took in college, but only after he was kicked out of the company he started and faced his own share of failures. Well, something like that, I forgot the exact details haha.

So, just you wait.  I’ll be somebody you can use too.

All pictures from Jio Igual.

The sexy girls and boys of A3

A3 dynamics


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