Party Peeves

Secretly annoyed

Have you ever noticed that there are certain questions that make up the typical lexicon in an exchange regarding going out? Personally, some of them really annoy me because they either beg for pointless, uncreative, impersonal answers or answers that you don’t want to give in the first place. But unfortunately they are imbedded by force of habit, necessity and social convention.

Based on my experience here’s my short list of party peeves that I feel generally cause people some unnecessary stress and pressure. I’m guilty for some of them myself but I think that typically everyone is.

They are ranked on a scale of 1 to annoying with 1 being acceptable and 5 being “DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO ASK ME THAT QUESTION.”

1. Person: Bra/Bro-friend

Question: What are you wearing?

Peeve:  “I don’t know what I’m wearing yet and you asking me this question reminds me of my complete lack of outfit and puts pressure on me to come up with a kick ass one.”

(Then you see what your other friends are wearing and you’re like “crap, I should have worn heels OR yeah, I’m over dressed)

2. Person: The Hitchhiker

Question: Do you mind if I hitch a ride?

Peeve: “Yes, I do mind but I can’t help it if I’m such an awesome friend who spends his/her gas on you.”

Sometimes it sucks to be the designated driver in the barkada. You can’t drink as much which means you end up taking care of your drunk friends.

3. Person: The Parentals

Question: What time are you coming home?

Peeve: “Why can’t my parents understand the idea of spontaneity? I don’t know what time I’m coming home because sometimes I don’t know what I’ll end up doing or where I’ll end up doing it!”

4. Person: Weekend friends

Question: How’re you/ What have you been up to?

Peeve: “School sucks. What have YOU been up to?” /End conversation

Are we really expected to spill our life updates to almost complete strangers? This boring question begs for uncreative answers which I think are not good conversation starters between two people who probably won’t be able to hear the answer to begin with.

5. Person: Sheep

Question: Who’s going?

Peeve: “If everyone is concerned with whether or not everyone else is going then we wouldn’t end up going anywhere because everyone is waiting for everyone to say yes first.”

As the designated planner for my barkada, this is my number one peeve. Why does the list of attendees have to be the prerequisite? The desire to hang out with your friends should be reason enough.


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