… a promo whore that is. Insert shameless plugging.

KIDS, ARE YOU READY? To let loose? To break rules? Let freedom reign!  The Association of Ateneo Communication Majors (ACOMM) presents CRASH COURSE 2011: KIDS on March 5, Saturday at 7th High, Fort Bonifacio.

Witness the return of the biggest year-ender party where four schools come together to celebrate freedom – from school, work and all the stress in between. 

Life can be so unfair sometimes, forcing us kids to grow up before we’re ready to be grown. All work and no play makes even the youngest of us feel old. But ACOMM says take a drink (or two) from our fountain of youth and unleash your inner kid onto the dance floor.

It’s the crash course of our generation, where the lesson plan is liberation and the recklessness begins with you. This is your right to freedom. Let your youth intoxicate your veins and arouse the exuberance that will always be within you.

So take a moment and stop hitting those books! Drop them instead at CRASH COURSE 2011: KIDS. You don’t need to pay to party! Entrance is absolutely FREE!!! Just bring a children’s book that will be donated to World Vision.

Stop by KOSTKA extension and drop off your books to pre-enslist.

Gates open at 9PM.  There’s no curfew tonight!

Special thanks to our sponsors: Click the City, Magnolia, and 7th High

Visit our event page here.


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