Drunk on Power Hour love.

Sean Parker: You don’t even know what the thing is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. This is no time to take your chips down. A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars.- The Social Network.

Freshman year feels so long ago. Back then the PH kids were just a bunch of random friends from different schools and courses planning parties over boxes of pizza and bottles of vodka. We wanted to revolutionize the college party scene. How naive we must have sounded, playing with big words and dreaming the far-fetched aspirations of an amateur.

Fast forward three years and five parties later and we might have done just that. Power Hour’s Valentine’s party Love Lock Down gave approximately 2,000 partyphiles an out of body, drop down on the dance floor and dance until you can’t dance no more, partying experience.

Two. Freaking. Thousand. That’s a more than a 200% increase from our last event, which was pretty epic in itself. It’s crazy! But only the true dreamers are.

The PH kids are definitely growing up. During our last meeting we talked about the future, which is still unsure as of now. But I think that the secret to our future success is that no matter how much growing up we do, we should always be kids at heart.

We found our generation’s  fountain of youth and that’s an unlimited pool of alcohol, given to you Power Hour Style. Who knew mixing working and play could be this intoxicating.

Asides from the aforementioned reasons, personally this was my favorite Power Hour for reasons I wont say, but can show instead.

There were a lot of parties happening on the same night, one of which was Tryst, which I co-hosted with Mico, my partner up there. I was there before heading over to Power Hour.  Don’t look at me with judging eyes. I’m not a traitor! Power Hour people are very understanding. That’s how we roll.

What’s a drunk girl without her girlfriends. Well, what’s a girl without her girl friends. Period. Thank you Keena and Jerene for always being there for me, sober and otherwise haha.

Marji and Gabe also went to both parties with me. Thank you guys :)

I miss this group natin. Sigh, this was a pseudo reunion.

But regardless, ILTGN always has fun no matter who’s present or absent.

It’s gabe time bro! I love party pictures for their awesome light.

Have you met my alter ego, spicy rix? She hasn’t gone out in awhile haha.

With lauren, my lovely c0-avp!

Parties are a fun way to reunite with people you haven’t seen in aages. Hi boys!

Or finally meet classmates who you’ve never spoken to in class. Hi Niel!

I know this is a Power Hour post but I decided to photospam pictures from another party i hosted since I don’t want to make another entry haha. AISEC’s Aviate. That’s Miggy my co-host.Yes, lately I’ve been having quite the tugs tugs weekends.

Friends always support each other’s events. So, Gabe and i went to support keena and arbie who can hopefully stop stressing out so much over AISEC after this.


Barney meets Robin.

Attention: 2 playboy bunnies are missing from the mansion.


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