Aquarius’ Guide to the Galaxy

I’m a big believer in the mystical workings of the universe. So when it comes to astrological predictions and the like, I’m fond of indulging my faith and hope in the unknown. It doesn’t hurt to know how not to be BV with the universe right?

I actually learned something while researching and writing this article for g and interviewing our family manghuhula (yes, we actually have one) and it has to do with the Aquarius age! The universe continues to pleasantly surprise me.


Aquarius’ Guide to the Galaxy

As you walk down Sec Walk, a hallway or any old street, have you ever felt a tingling sensation lingering on your nape? You turn around, and look. Lo and behold, a pair of eyes is staring straight at you.

Now don’t freak out—this isn’t an episode of Twilight Zone. The tingly feeling, mystics say, is how mystics often describe having a higher level of consciousness or a mystical knowledge of an ultimate reality.

As we undergo a transition into the Aquarian Age, 2011 is the best time to harness this energy and ride the universe in your favor. Sit back, relax and let g unveil its secrets! Click here to read more.


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