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We're the g-sters, like hipsters only cooler.

I love my yuppie friends who like to discuss business matters about stocks, investments and the like, but the fact is that I’m a com major. And although that might sound extremely stereotypical of my course and belittling to my own capacity to understand issues of this nature my point is this:  it doesn’t matter because it really doesn’t peak my interest.

I know that I can probably offer my own 2 centavos to the discussion but after my block and g inuman about 2 weeks ago, i realized how refreshing it is to talk about work and an industry that relates directly to me and laugh about pop culture trivia and comments that only people like us will find funny and appreciate.

I know that these pictures are late but school has taken over my online life since we came back from break. Now I have a bit of time to spam. My general rule with photoblogging backlog is only to post eventful gimmiks that have a story to share.

A3 had a Christmas inuman/ despedida for Iya just before school began. Usually our explanation for not hanging out as much is because of our schedules. But it occurred to me how prolific we’ve become since freshman year. Most of us are already doing some part time working! We’ve definitely leveled up and I’m so proud of how much everyone has accomplished.

It turned out to be a pretty epic and spontaneous night taking us on a journey we only ever joked we’d take in the 3 years we’ve been a block. I’ll let you figure out to where on your own. But somewhere in between singing and screaming our heads off I felt that the spirit of a3 is and will always be alive no matter what.

Where we went was extremely cold. So without any jacket to keep me warm, I had to rely on a hot coffee instead.

Then we had our gnuman where our creative writer minds tapped into our inner Edgar Allen Poe to drink the most intoxicated story g ever told.  But first, meet our characters:

The protagonists: the fresh, fun and fierce staff of g.

Our antagonist: BACARDI.

Our setting took place on the grounds of Mexico (of Bicutan.)

Then we have our exposition:

In the beginning we started our story conference productively until someone implemented the  “take a shot for every lame suggestion” rule which eventually had the last say in this story. Sorry to ruin the end already but it’s called foreshadowing.

Then we have our rising action: the many hidden talents of g unveiled as well as the many hidden faces of Kevin Calderon revealed.

The climax: This photo with accompanying caption: I GOT SHITFACED AT GNUMAN.

Falling action: (Literally.)

Resolution: Saying goodbye to Iya (at least just for a couple of months) which is why we all got together in the first place.

But the moral of the story is this: g is an awesome staff and it’s hilarious and crazy nights like this prove that prove it.


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