It’s always in the anonymity of the night where I find myself. My sanity resides in the solitude whose silence is heard loudest against the quiet pockets of life surrounding it. That’s why when I’m nesting in some leisurely cafe or coffee shop along Katipunan, after hours of doing something (or even nothing) I like to extend my stay, just so I can walk home alone and breathe in the cool night air.

But I’ve discovered that sometimes the night is  also where the kindred spirits lurk, who like me finds resonance in its mystery. If birds of the same feather flock together, then perhaps the same can be said about those who choose the same kinds of  places to fly, even if they’re both flying solo going there.

The journey of kindred spirits will eventually cross and when it does, the spirits will strike up a conversation at the stroke its serendipity. And when that happens, they realize that in the anonymity of the night, they share a common light.


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