2011: A note to self

Only ten days into 2011 and the new year’s note to self is already this: don’t forget what you learned in 2010.

The year may be new but everything else is old. I still have the same old emails to send, tests to study for, and issues to deal with. So as my fickle mind was trying to decide whether resolutions would be my thing to welcome 2011,  it hit me that life doesn’t wait for us to decide what they are and accomplish them. The world goes on and you always have to be ready to face it when it does. Deadlines, stress, work… they don’t wait for anyone.

I think what’s harder than making new resolutions is retaining the ones life made for you in the year that passed. You know, those lessons that whether you deserve it or not slaps you across the face, kicks you in the balls, or just simply stresses you out. Since old habits die hard maybe the best resolution is to make sure that last year’s mistakes don’t repeat itself. Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me, right?

Anyways, I’m back in school now and these next 2.5 months are pretty jam packed but i’m feeling both anxious and excited! I’m pretty overwhelmed with all the possibilities to take advantage of (summer internships, elections, travel abroad, competitions, etc.) I don’t want to jinx anything just yet by saying it here.

Thank god the break is exactly what i needed. It’s been almost a year since I last truly bummed my break away. Sigh, it’s the woe of a dormer whose busy school life prevents her from sleeping in her own bed for more than 2 consecutive nights and waking up to a cup of sweetly brewed coffee. Boredom and bumming were never synonymous in my dictionary.

But even a satisfied bum needs to get out from underneath her sheets from time to time which I happily did for new years! It was quite memorable (and not for the usual reasons.)

During new year breakfast at North Park with my friends the waiter accidentally spilled a bowl of hot congee on me! So, my friend aptly called me “Ms. Congee-niality” which is actually not a bad way to interpret this “sign” for the new year haha.

Anyways, while my sisters went to Fort, I headed over to Ange’s house at 3 am instead for the “after new year party.”

It wasn’t a party perse, but a classy-esque get together with our friends wine and scotch with whom I never mind spending time with.

Another reason this year was memorable: I saw my very first new year sunrise on the top of Ange’s roof! I have a soft spot for rooftops.

Just so you know, apparently it’s the year of the rabbit.


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